Bose in ear headphones reviewed

Bose in ear headphones

Trusted Reviews reviewed the relatively inexpensive bose in-ear headphones.

Here’s what they thought:

“There’s no doubt that Bose’s in-ear headphones are a quality product. They’re well-built, come with a respectable selection of accessories, work with the iPhone out of the box, and are an extremely comfortable option for those who just don’t get on with canalphones.

But the sound quality, while balanced and reasonably detailed, isn’t quite up there with the best in class. If you have this much cash to spend on a headphone upgrade, I’d advise choosing a pair of the superlative Sennheiser CX 95s. They’re more involving to listen to, and the noise isolation design means you can enjoy that quality without having to turn the volume up too loud.”

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Bose in ear headphones