Measuring spoon that weighs your food

spoon scales

One thing I found weird about the UK when I lived there: all the recipes were based on weight of food instead of volume. Instead of just measuring a cup of a tablespoon you had to get out some scales and add little amounts until you had the correct weight. A completely ridiculous system.

One problem with the system is what do you do when you have an expensive ingredient like saffron or truffles, or need a little herb/spice? generally you just wing it and throw in a pinch instead of the US system where you can easily measure a quarter or an eighth of a teaspoon.

There is now a solution. They could have just switched to measuring but instead they invented a measuring spoon with a built in electronic scale to measure as little as 1/10 of a gram of your precious ingredients.

In the US the only people who measure “food” by weight are drug dealers, and they will be happy to hear the spoon is only £18.50 ($37) +shipping, or roughly 10 minutes profit from sell crystals to the local meth addicts.

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spoon scales