Slingshot Water Regenerator

Slingshot Water Regenerator

Dean Kamen the inventor of the segway just went on the Colbert Report with the latest iteration of his “Slingshot” water regenerator.

This fascinating invention makes 1000 liters of fresh clean water per day from just about anything, and is powered by a stirling engine generator running off cow dung (that produces 1kw of excess energy: enough to light a small village).

There are so many people around the world that lack access to fresh water, wouldn’t it be great if just a little of the billions in overseas aid went to something like this instead of filling the pockets of tinpot dictators.

The defense department should also look into this, instead of burning barrels of “waste” at forward operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan they should use the waste to power one of these to give our servicemembers more power and water.

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Slingshot Water Regenerator