X-Files Guy creates Gadget


Dean Haglund (one of the 3 geeks from the X-Files that got his own TV series that was a flop) has become an inventor:

He has created a device that draws heat away from the CPU on your laptop.

No, not a little fan (Schulyer Wheeler invented the electric fan in 1886), the X-Files guy invented one of those gel pack things (like doctors and nurses use for reducing swelling instead of a bag of peas) but here’s the clever bit: it eliminates condensation, which for obvious reasons is a “good thing” as computers and water don’t mix.

One word of warning guys, don’t chill it too much then use it on your lap with your laptop: I imagine frostbitten balls are very unpleasant.

Probably coming to an infomercial near you soon (or alternatively available for $19.99 (via paypal) on chillpak.com.