Future of Space Ship One and Two

space ship one

Burt Rutan (of first private spaceship SpaceShipOne) fame has talked to the Palm Springs Desert Sun newspaper about the future of SpaceShipOne and his plans for it’s successor SpaceShipTwo (AKA Virgin Galactic’s VSS Enterprise).

SpaceShipOne, despite receiving a lot of requests for flights and cargo runs, will be preserved in the Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington DC and will not fly again.

SpaceShipTwo, which will carry 9 people higher than SpaceShipOne, should be flying in two and a half years and should be starting commercial flights in four years.

In the longer term he things that in twenty to twenty-five years people will be able to visit hotels in orbit.

Put me down for a weekend stay at the hotel to celebrate my 55th or 60th birthday.

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