Mpio V10 First Look

Mpio V10

MyMpio administrator Yeshaib got his hands on the Mpoi V10 and posted his initial impressions plus a video.

* Full Multitasking without getting out of running apps (very nice if you go between text music etc)
* 3″ Wide screen, just superb, I think its in line with the top units on the market clean and crisp.
* Nice video format support and no need to convert anything!! just drag n drop and play your video
* Great Sound Quality
* Regular SD/SDHC support (I hate the mini and MicroSD’s)
* Simple looking interface (Straightforward)
* No ID3 browsing (I don’t care but I know some people do)
* No Album art (I love my album art)
* Headphone jack location (you might want to buy an L adapter)

(video after the jump and more at mympio)

Large Image:

Mpio V10



OS : Windows CE 5
Screen : 3″ 480X272
Audio : Mp3. Wma, AAC, OGG
Video : DivX, Dat, Vob, Mpg/Mpeg, Wmv, TS, ASP, Mp4, Avi
Image : Jpg, Png, Gif, Bmp