Dell jumps on the green bandwagon

Dell Bamboo Case

earth2tech reported on Michael Dell’s speech at the Fortune Green conference where he showed off a new green inspired computer with a bamboo case and that is “filled with recycled materials like old bottles, milk jugs and detergent cases” (in other words the plastic parts of the computer are probably made with plastic that contains some percentage of recycled material).

According to Dell the computer is 81% smaller than a standard desktop PC, uses 70% less power, will be out later this year, and will cost between $500 and $700. No word on the specs of the computer but in order to cut power usage by 70% I expect the performance to be mediocre.

I applaud companies that really do try to limit their consumption of non-renewable resources but I wonder how many of the current crop of companies releasing “green” products are just doing it for the marketing buzz and how many really try to reduce energy use and waste in their own production facilities and offices.

(more at earth2tech)

Dell Bamboo Case