iPod mini (mark 2)

iPod mini mark 2

Ok, we love our iPod mini but considering that the only things keeping its sales up are the hype and its good looks we’re amazed Apple did so little with the new version to help it compete with the multitude of competitors who have better software, larger hard drives, more features, color screens, etc etc.

So what do we get with the new version: hard drive size upped from 4gb to 6gb, better battery life (which it did really need), and the writing on the scroll wheel now matches the color of the mini. Oh, and they ditched the gold color no-one liked and made the green blue and pink brighter.

Someone catch me, I’m about to feint with all the excitement.

The new mini, priced the same as the old mini, $249.

(and if you still want an old mini they have cut the price on those to $199).