Ricoh G600 Rugged Camera

ricoh g600

PhotographyBlog has the scoop on a new compact rugged camera from Ricoh.

The G600 is lightweight, water and dust resistant and has a 5x optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD, and a 10.3 megapixel CCD.

It’s dimensions are 116.5 mm (W) × 68.0 mm (H) × 32.0 mm (D) and it weighs 260g.

It supposedly meets US Dept. of Defense “MIL Standard 810F” which means you can drop it from one and a half meters (four and a half feet) without it breaking.

Maybe I should get one and send it over to my buddies serving in Afghanistan for some real world testing? ….. on second thoughts Ricoh wants $700 for it so maybe I wont.

(more at photographyblog)

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