Solar Powered Backpack

Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack

One downside to the wonderful new gadgets coming out these days is that they all seems to chew through batteries faster than our dog chews through treats.

Voltaic have a solution with their Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack: it has 3 solar cells on the back connected to a 2200mAh 7.2v battery pack so you can recharge your gadgets while out and about.

The Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack comes with an AC and car charger for when the sun isn’t enough, and includes a set of adapters for many common phones, 7 universal DC adapters plugs to replicate the chargers of many PDAs, MP3 players etc, and if all else fails there is a car charger adapter that lets you use your gadget’s existing car charger with the Voltaic.

The Voltaic was announced months ago for pre-order but is now shipping and costs $229.