Walmart $500 laptop

Walmart 500 dollar laptop

Walmart have put out a press release about a new bargain laptop they are selling for under 500 bucks. The catch is that it runs linspire which is a Linux based operating system.

We suggest you go for the version that has Windows XP home and costs $50 more.

Other specs of the XP version are just ok: 1.1GHz mobile Athlon 4 processor, 40gb hard drive, 128mb RAM, 14.1″ screen, 802.11b wireless and DVD drive.

This is a PC that will just about start up Windows XP and let you do email and surf the web, you wont be able to play games or do much else with a slow processor and minimal memory (XP really needs at least 256mb).

Press Release

Balance Windows XP Laptop on for $548