Build your own Media Center PC

Build your own Media Center PC

Until recently you could only buy Windows XP Media Center Edition as part of a new PC purchase, but now you can buy it with as little as one piece of hardware and then build your own Media Center PC.

Extremetech did this and while they had a few difficulties getting all the software and drivers to play nice together they ended up with a very nice HDTV Media Center PC for just over $2300 to go with the HDTVs from their HDTV buying guide we mentioned earlier this month.

Our opinion is that while it would be nice to build your own Media Center PC to your exact specifications, for that much money you could buy a Media Center PC from a major manufacturer and have the reassurance of tech support when things go wrong, so give this a miss unless you are very confident in your PC building abilities.

Extremetech Media Center PC Building Guide (via digitalmediathoughts)

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