$100 off iPod Mini

ipod mini

If you enjoy listening to spoken word books there is a great way to get the hot new iPod mini MP3/music player:

Subscribe for a year to Audible.com at $14.95 a month and get a $100 off coupon for the iPod mini (or another from a large selection of MP3 players and Pocket PCs).

What does this really mean?… the $14.95 subscription gets you one full audio book and one newspaper/periodical per month (for $19.95/month you get 2 full books), and you get a coupon code for $100 off anything at crutchfield.com. Like all stores they are sold out of the iPod mini at the moment but expect to get it in stock on 6/30.

I was tempted to do this last time they offered it but waited too long, this time I have signed up and ordered an iPod mini, and will post a review once it gets here (assuming I can get it away from my wife for long enough).


• Compatible with both Mac and PC computers
• Includes iTunes 4 software for Mac and PC
• Storage for about 1,000 songs
• 8 hours of play on a single battery charge
• MP3, MP3 (VBR), WAV, Audible (6), AIFF and AAC compatibility

Available Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Silver