Eee PC 900 SSD is slow

Eee PC 900 SSD is slow

EeeUser Forums have tested the read/write speeds of the solid state drives (SSDs) shipping with the EeePC 900 and found one of them to be lacking in performance.

The EeePC 900 comes with two SSDs: a 4GB one with the operating system and a 8GB (XP) or 16GB (Linux) one for your data – they system drive performed adequately (faster than the older EeePC 700) but the data drive was slower than a retiree in an oldsmobile “out for a leisurely drive”.

Head on over to EeeUser forums for their full testing results, and don’t go planning on using that 8/16GB SSD for efficient dual booting.

Eee PC 900 SSD is slow via liliputing

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