Tivo is good for the TV Networks

tivo pvr good for TV

TelevisionWeek reports that TV network execs are starting to admit that Tivo is actually increasing viewership… exactly the opposite of their fears.

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Turner, NBC Downplay Impact of TiVo: Turner Entertainment Group isn’t worried yet about TiVo’s impact on traditional advertising models, said Keith Chandler, VP of business solution at Turner Entertainment Group, during a session Tuesday at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. “We view it as a positive at this point,” he said.

That’s because TiVo has raised viewership of the Turner networks, he said. “Right now we don’t have any big guns aimed at the TiVo world. We think it’s been slightly positive because it increases viewership,” he said. Mr. Chandler added that Turner expects positve results from the coming cable upfront.

Brandon Burgess, executive VP of business development at NBC, was also on the panel and said NBC is expecting a strong upfront too for both cable and broadcast. He added that 2006 will be the year to watch the possible impact of TiVo on ad revenues because penetration of DVRs will reach 10 percent then. “That’s when it starts hitting the radar screen,” Mr. Burgess said.

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