Weather superimposed on Google maps

Weather underground wundermaps

Weather Underground has announced their new Wundermaps feature that superimposes precipitation maps and radar on the familiar Google maps interface.

They go way beyond what offers by also including all the weather stations that upload data to their service so you get a realtime picture of temperature and wind at multiple locations in the area.

Full press release:

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Big LCD TV price cuts coming next month


Sony is going to be making big price cuts in their LCD TVs next month in order to try to gain market share.

It appears that Sony’s big competitors Toshiba, Sharp, Sansung, LG will follow suit.

It is also likely that the lower end producers such as Westinghouse and Vizio will cut their prices to remain competitive.

What does this mean? Sony’s planned cuts of 20-25% could spread across all TV manufacturers and top quality 1080p sets will be under $1200.

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Psystar open computer reviewed

Psystar open computer

CNET got a Psystar Open Computer running MacOS Leopard to review.

They don’t have the full review posted yet but they have put up a slideshow and an unboxing video:


The full review should be up later today.

It seems like despite all the naysayers who thought it was a scam the product is real. The next part of the story though will likely be the lawsuit against Psystar by Apple.

Solar panel roof for your Prius

Solar panel roof for your Prius

Now this is a smart idea for those people who feel that their hybrid car lifestyle just isn’t good enough for the environment.

The SEV solar module for 2004-2006 Toyota Prius cars generates 215 watts of power which the makers claim provides up to an extra 20 miles of gas-free travel a day and a 29% better fuel economy overall.

They claim it will pay for itself in 2 to 3 years, but only if you take liberties with a Federal energy tax credit by buying it at the same time as a residential solar system and conveniently include the price in with your residential system.

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New Fujitsu lifebook tablet pc spotted in Germany

New Fujitsu lifebook tablet pc

TabletPCReview found out about an unannounced tablet pc shown recently by Fujitsu in Germany. Here’s what they know:

“At this point the following specifications are known: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400, 13.3″ passive digitizer Display, Accessories in the same design.

As I mentioned, not much is known at this time or if this model will even make it to the States, but it looks nice. If it lives up to other Fujitsu models we know it will have a solid chassis and great display, although it is passive.

It also looks like Fujitsu has jumped on the P-series processor bandwagon from Intel. This is the same line of processors that come in the MacBook Air. This Intel Core 2 Duo design is very small in size, but still maintains the power.

It looks as though it could be a replacement for the T2010 tablets or maybe we are in luck and Fujitsu has a completely new design. No word on pricing yet either, but we hope more information will start trickling out.”

more at tabletpcreview via engadget)

Six 24″ LCD monitors reviewed

Dell 2407WFP

X-Bit Labs have posted a review and face-off between six newer 24″ LCD monitors from Acer, Dell, NEC, and Samsung.

We were rooting for the Dell 2407WFP to win as we have two of them on the PC we use to write ShinyPlastic but here’s what they concluded:

“Although four out of the six monitors tested for this review are based on TN matrixes, I’m not disappointed. The main drawback of this technology is small viewing angles, but those of modern TN matrixes are suitable for most users. Of course, if you prefer to watch movies while lying on a sofa (with the monitor above your head level) or if you are just sensitive to minor deviations in contrast, you should consider models with *VA or S-IPS matrixes such as Dell 2407WFP-HC and NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX or those we tested earlier.”

In other words they didn’t pick any one as being the best.

(full reviews at xbitlabs)

Toshiba laptops get facial recognition security software

toshiba satellite m300

Toshiba’s laptops with “fusion finish” (the U400, M300, A300 and P300) will now come with facial recognition software that won’t let you login unless your face (or whatever other part of your anatomy you waved at the webcam during setup) matches a database of stored user images.

In unrelated news police expect the number of decapitations associated with laptop thefts to increase.

“Hand over your laptop or else!, hold on that’s one of them fancy Toshiba ones, sorry mate I’m just going to have to decapitate you as well.”

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