Sony MP3 Network Walkman

sony network walkman hard drive mp3 player

What do you get if you take Sony’s overpriced NW-HD2 Network Walkman, raise the price by $20, and add MP3 support?

The answer is the NW-HD3 Network Walkman that is being released this December.

Yep, that’s it, move along now, no bigger hard drive, no color screen, no price cuts to make it more competitive.

Oh, and if you have the earlier NW-HD1 (released 5 months ago) or NW-HD2 (released 2 months ago) you can get a firmware upgrade, for $20.

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Gateway M210 Widescreen Laptop

Gateway M210 Widescreen Laptop

Gateway have started selling their new M210 widescreen laptop.

The basic configuration of the M210 is 1.2″ thick, weighs 5.3lb, costs $899.99, and features a 1.5GHz Celeron M processor, XP home, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, CDRW/DVD combo drive, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, integrated graphics, and a 14.1″ widescreen WXGA (1366×768) LCD screen.

Seems like a good choice for a sub-$1000 laptop that is good for work and good for watching DVDs on long plane flights, but it’s no good for playing games.

M210 Product Page

Buffalo Linkstation Review

buffalo linkstation review

Network attached storage is an area of computing that is moving beyond being a solution just for large businesses and is becoming a lot more affordable for the average small business or home user.

What is network attached storage?, basically it is a box containing one or more hard drives that is connected to your wired network (like an external USB hard drive but connected directly to the network where all users can access it).

We were looking for a networked hard drive to use as an automated backup solution for our PCs and decided to test out the 120GB Buffalo Linkstation.

Did the Linkstation make the grade? keep reading to find out.

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Olympus Announces Prices For EVOLT E-300

Olympus Announces Prices For EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR Camera, Digital Specific Consumer Lenses, And Accessories

100% “Designed-for-Digital” SLR Comes with Lens for Under $1000 for World-Class Image Quality; Camera Packs Dust Protection and an 8-Megapixel Imaging Sensor into Innovative Compact, Low-Profile Body
Melville, NY, November 23, 2004 – Today Olympus officially announced that the 8.0-megapixel EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR, the first 100 percent “digital-from-the-ground-up” consumer SLR system with interchangeable digital specific lenses, will be sold with a lens for $999.99. Incorporating a newly designed compact body featuring the Dust Reduction system pioneered on the professional E-1 SLR body, the EVOLT delivers the versatility, durability and reliable performance of an SLR that isn’t just for the pros – now it’s for photographers of all skill levels at a price they can afford.

Camera, Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses, and Accessories Prices:

EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR:
$999.99 estimated street price including the 14-45mm lens ($1399 MSRP)
14-45mm f3.5 – f5.6 Lens: $249.95 estimated street when purchased separate from EVOLT ($299 MSRP)
40-150mm f3.5 – f4.5 Lens: $279.95 estimated street ($349 MSRP).
HLD-3 Battery Holder: $99.99 estimated street price ($119.95 MSRP).
Semi Hard Case CS3-SH (for EVOLT E-300 and 14.45mm or 14-54mm zooms): $49.95 estimated street price ($59.95 MSRP).

The EVOLT E-300 outfit includes a compact, 14 – 45mm f3.5 – f5.6 Zuiko Digital Specific Lens (equivalent to 28mm – 90mm in 35mm photography) that perfectly matches the imager so light strikes the sensor directly to ensure rich, accurate colors and edge-to-edge sharpness. Its 3.2x zoom covers the range most frequently used in ordinary photography and weighs just 10 ounces (285 grams) offering users an extremely dynamic, portable everyday-use zoom. Close-ups as near as 15 inches (38cm) are possible throughout the zoom range.

Another lens announced earlier this year, the 40 – 150mm f3.5 – f4.5 Zuiko Digital Specific Lens (equivalent to 80-300mm in 35mm photography), now also has a price. With 13 elements in 10 groups and a weight of just 15.75 oz/450g (approx), the Zuiko Digital 40-150mm Lens is meant to go anywhere. In addition, the lens employs an f3.5-4.5 brightness making it ideal for achieving effects like background blurring and perspective compression, suitable for everything from portraits to sports scenes. As with the 14-45mm lens, the 40-150mm is also reinforced by a multi-coating process as well as a reliable metal lens mount.

Both the 14-45mm and the 40-150mm are standard digital zoom lenses that complement each other and can be used in conjunction to cover a wide range of focal lengths and zoom ranges. In addition, both of these “designed for digital” lenses offer superb quality suitable for everyday use by advanced photographers as well as by newcomers to digital SLR products.

EVOLT Supersonic Wave Filter Leaves Other Digital SLR Cameras In the Dust
A common problem with interchangeable lens digital SLR cameras is dust settling on the image sensor. The EVOLT features an Olympus exclusive patented ultrasonic technology, the Supersonic Wave Filter™, to reduce the effects of micro dust settling on the image sensor and impacting the image quality. Located between the shutter and the CCD, the Supersonic Wave Filter uses high-speed ultrasonic vibration to cause most types of dust to fall away from the image sensor so it will not appear in photographs. The filter vibrates at 350,000 times per second and is activated every time the camera powers on, or manually via a menu selection, to instantly remove the dust from in front of the image sensor. The CCD assembly is isolated from the Supersonic Wave Filter by an airtight seal to protect it even more. This unique Olympus feature gives photographers the confidence to shoot photos and change lenses in the field, just as they’ve always done, without the worry of images being damaged or ruined by dust on the imager.

Optional Accessories Designed To Do More

HLD-3 Battery Holder
The EVOLT can accommodate the HLD-3 Battery Holder that holds one or two BLM-1 Li-Ion batteries. With two batteries, the EVOLT can capture almost double the number of images possible with only one battery. The HLD-3 has a shutter release button located at its base to enable vertical shooting, a remote socket for use with the RM-CB1 Cable Release, and a standard tripod socket.

FL-36 Flash
Compact, lightweight and designed specifically for digital photography, the FL-36 achieves higher guide numbers than comparable SLR film cameras even while maintaining wide-angle light distribution. The Guide Number is 117 feet (36 meters) at ISO 100. You’ll notice the difference when using it in combination with a wide-angle lens on the EVOLT. Accurate, 1/8-step illumination control provides the precision required by digital cameras, while minimizing illumination reduction near the screen. The newly designed energy-saving circuit improves recharge rates and enables the flash to operate on just 2 AA batteries.

The FL 36 features the FP mode for syncro at shutter speeds up to 1/4000 sec. In both FP-TTL Auto and FP-Manual modes. Standard TTL-Auto, Auto and Manual flash modes are also available. It costs $199.99 estimated street price ($239.95 MSRP)

CS-3SH Semi-Hard Case
Protect the EVOLT and its lens in style with a dedicated semi-hard leather case.

The Olympus EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR will be available in December 2004. It includes: EVOLT E-300 Body, USB Cable, Video Cable, Li-Ion Battery Pack (BLM-1), Li-Ion Battery Charger (BCM-2), Shoulder Strap, OLYMPUS Master Editing Software, CD-ROM, Manuals, Warranty card, and System chart.

For more information, review units and high-resolution images of the Olympus EVOLT E-300 and accessories, contact Michael Bourne, Mullen Public Relations, 650-210-9857 or, or Chris Sluka, senior public relations manager, Olympus America Inc, Consumer Products Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY, P.O. Box 9058, 11747-9058, ph: (631) 844-5000 (800) 622-6372, Fax: (631) 844-5262 or the Olympus Web Site:

Olympus Evolt E-300 Pricing Announced

olympus e300 digital slr camera

Olympus have announced pricing for the nice looking Evolt E-300 digital SLR camera:

“EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR:
$999.99 estimated street price including the 14-45mm lens ($1399 MSRP)
14-45mm f3.5 – f5.6 Lens: $249.95 estimated street when purchased separate from EVOLT ($299 MSRP)
40-150mm f3.5 – f4.5 Lens: $279.95 estimated street ($349 MSRP).
HLD-3 Battery Holder: $99.99 estimated street price ($119.95 MSRP).
Semi Hard Case CS3-SH (for EVOLT E-300 and 14.45mm or 14-54mm zooms): $49.95 estimated street price ($59.95 MSRP).”

Full press release and more info

Gadget Prices Dropping

Cnet is reporting the biggest monthly drop in consumer electronic prices in 5 months.

Leading the way were 42 inch plasma screens which dropped almost 10% in price last month (to an average of $2500) and big drops were also seen in LCD prices (as we predicted months ago).

One thing I find silly though is that they track 128MB memory cards…. does anyone still buy 128MB memory cards when you can get a 1GB compactflash for under $50?

(if you do you can get a 128MB compachflash card from for a massive $3).

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H2O Waterproof iPod Mini Case

H2O Waterproof iPod Mini Case

Have you ever needed to go surfing while listening to your iPod mini?, me neither, but if you did it’s good to know there are gadgets around like the H2O Audio SV-iMini.

The H2O Audio SV-iMini is a completely waterproof (up to 10ft depth) casing for the iPod mini that comes with a matching waterproof headset and earplugs.

The H20 Audio SV-iMini will be available Debember 6th and will cost $149.95.

H2O Audio Product Page

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Seagate Shipping 400GB Hard Drive

Seagate Shipping 400GB Hard Drive

If your homemade 1 terabyte storage server isn’t big enough for you try getting 5 of these in a SATA RAID array, giving you 2 terabytes of storage. That is more than enough storage for every episode of Star Trek ever, in HDTV. (That’s just a guess but if each episode is about 700MB then you could store almost 3000 episodes, and there can’t be that much Trek, can there?)

Getting back on track…. Seagate has announced they are shipping their new 400GB 7200RPM hard drive in both SATA and regular ATA flavors.

The 400GB Barracude 7200.8 hard drive is the first to use 133GB disk platters, and 3 of those gives you the 400GB in this 3.5″ drive.

Other features of the 400GB Barracude 7200.8 are an 8mb cache, 8ms seek time, and (on the SATA version) support for Native Command Queuing which is supposed to give performance similar to a 10000rpm drive.

(press release)

Niveus 1 Terabyte Storage Server

Niveus 1 Terabyte Storage Server

Our third 1 terabyte network storage server this week is the Niveus A/V Storage Server.

This is the most expensive ($2999) but also the quietest and best looking terabyte storage server, and in a surreal moment it has already been awarded the Best of Innovations award for next year’s CES show.

The Niveus A/V Storage Server has a 1Ghz VIA fanless processor, 256MB RAM, a fanless case, and an ethernet port (apparently no wireless though).

We are going to have something similar to this in our new house… but as the storage server will be in the basement in a rack next to the distributed wiring control panel it is difficult to justify paying so much when the Buffalo Terastation can be had for a third the price.

Niveus A/V Storage Server

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