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Update 7/26: The iPAQ 6315 has been released and T-Mobile will start selling it in August at $499 (presumably with a new 1 year contract/service agreement).

Update 8/15: More info available here.

ipaqabilities.com has found a photo of the upcoming ipaq h6315 on the T-Mobile web site.

Description is “HP iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC is a Microsoft® Windows® powered Pocket PC that integrates GSM / GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless technology to give you high-speed wireless voice and data connectivity at home, at work, and on the go.”

Release date is rumored to be July 27th.

If I hadn’t just bought a new Dell Pocket PC and a Sprint PCS phone I would be very interested in this.

New Feature: Reviews

gadget reviews

A goal of this site is not just to tell you about the latest gadgets and where to get the best price on them, but to review them for you and tell you where to buy them.

For sites like Cnet, Wired and New York Times that is easy, they get sent the gadget for free and they write a review, but we have to actually buy the gadgets we want to review.

The plan therefore is to do longer term reviews of products, most sites use a product once or twice then move onto the next one, we however are going to use each gadget for at least a couple of months before telling you all about it.

Yes, it wont be a review the day the product comes out but it will potentially show up more negatives and flaw than the typical cursory inspection by a major site.

Here’s some of what we have bought with our hard earned pennies and will be reviewing once we have used them enough to develop strong opinions:

  • Norelco 9984XL (James Bond Shaver)
  • Firefly PC Remote Control
  • iPod Mini
  • Dell X30 624mhz Pocket PC
  • Audible.com Subscription
  • Plantronics DSP-500 USB Stereo Headset (and Skype voice over IP)

Dream Machine

dream machine

What would you like to dream about?

According to CNN a Japanese company has a new gadget that will let you dream about anything you want: program in a picture, music, and keywords, and go to sleep…….

Hmm, sounds a bit suspect to me…. it will be interesting to hear if it actually works: according to the article it had a 22% success rate.

More from CNN

Is that a network in your pocket……

netgear WGR101 wireless 802.11g travel router

…. or are you just pleased to see me?

Netgear has announced a cool new gadget… a wireless (802.11g) router small enough to fit in your pocket (0.7″x2.3″x3.4″), perfect for road warriors who need to setup a wireless network at their hotel, airport or client’s office.

It’s not available at Amazon yet but other online stores are starting to stock it in the $75-$85 price range.

More info from Netgear
(thanks dailywireless and designtechnica)

$100 off iPod Mini

ipod mini

If you enjoy listening to spoken word books there is a great way to get the hot new iPod mini MP3/music player:

Subscribe for a year to Audible.com at $14.95 a month and get a $100 off coupon for the iPod mini (or another from a large selection of MP3 players and Pocket PCs).

What does this really mean?… the $14.95 subscription gets you one full audio book and one newspaper/periodical per month (for $19.95/month you get 2 full books), and you get a coupon code for $100 off anything at crutchfield.com. Like all stores they are sold out of the iPod mini at the moment but expect to get it in stock on 6/30.

I was tempted to do this last time they offered it but waited too long, this time I have signed up and ordered an iPod mini, and will post a review once it gets here (assuming I can get it away from my wife for long enough).

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

brookstone father's day gifts

Searching for a last minute father’s day gift idea?, Brookstone has loads of great gifts for dads such as a grill fork with built-in thermometer for $30, an LED multi-tool for $20, talking remote thermometer for $75, or a golf scope (rangefinder/club selector) for $75.

Big spenders can use coupon code AF061804 for $15 off an $150 order (exp 6/18).

Order by 1pm today for 2nd day shipping or 1pm EST on Friday for next day shipping.