Body Fat Monitor $60

tanita body fat monitor has the Tanita TBF-621 body fat monitor and scale as part of their Friday Sale, prices at $59.99 with Free Shipping.

These monitors are fun to use but the body fat shown may not be always accurate as it is affected by hydration. Its is best with these to always weigh yourself at the same time of day (for me its when I get up in the morning before starting my too-high consumption of Diet Coke).

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Bluetooth Keyboard

thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard for phones and pocket PC

Available now for pre-order and shipping in July, Think Outside has started selling a full-size wireless bluetooth keyboard, that folds up into a 5.5″ x 3.9″ x 0.5″ box.

I had one of their keyboards for my old iPaq and it was great, actually made it worthwhile to try to write an email or a document on my pocket pc.

Unlike many bluetooth devices, the compatibility list is extensive: pcs and laptops with XP SP1 or OS X, most bluetooth enabled phones, pocket pcs, also works with bluetooth SD and CF cards for pocket pcs without bluetooth built-in.

The price is $149 with free shipping until July 4th.

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Blog you Vedy Much!

andy kaufman back from the dead

The Award for biggest online buzz of the day has to be the alleged return from the dead of comedian Andy Kaufman, announced in his new blog, and coming soon to a Starbucks near you!

Conspiracy theorists have long thought that Andy faked his own death in 1984 and would reappear on the 20th anniversary of his “death”…. Im sceptical that this really is Andy but it doesn’t matter if it is Andy or a hoxer as it’s a great joke either way.

The spirit of Andy Kaufman lives on in this surreal use of a blog.

Thoughts of Movable Type Licensing

gadget reviews

Sixapart, the creators of the software I use to create this blog recently changed their licensing requirements, before the change it was free software and if you liked it you could donate through PayPal (I donated $50 after creating this site and liking the software).

Now they have introduced a number of different licensing options and are asking the community how they use the movable type software.

The kind of license that I would pay for would allow me to operate 3-5 blogs with a single author, each blog would be made up of a number of sub-blogs, i.e. the main page, a sidebar with coupons, a sidebar with links.

That license would be non-commercial but would allow me to upgrade to a reasonably priced commercial version if my site becomes a profitable business.

For such a license I would be willing to pay $50-$100 (assuming it gave access to most software updates, and there is no repeating annual fee).

I wouldn’t object to a $20-$30 upgrade fee every couple of years to upgrade to a new version with substantial new functionality.

Update: 6/17: Sixapart have tweaked their licensing model and it is now perfect for me. Thanks Sixapart!

(edit 7/2: forgot to trackback to the original sixapart post, linking now)


2 news items on OLEDs (LCD screens that dont need a backlight so are thinner, brighter, and use less power than regular LCDs):

Samsung announced a 17″ OLED LCD screen with 1200×1600 pixel resolution, a brightness of 400 lumens, and only 1/3 hte thickness of a regular LCD. It is due for release next year.

Seiko Epson showed off a 40″ OLED display, but this wont be in commercial production until 2007.

(via engadget)