Good Price on Tivo

tivo series 2 bargains deals rebates

Amazon currently has a great price on Series 2 Tivo’s that let you record, pause, fast forward and playback live TV (requires either a monthly or lifetime subscription ot the Tivo service to work fully):

TiVo Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $129.94 (after $50 mail-in rebate): Great Price!
TiVo Series2 80-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $269.87: ok price
TiVo Series2 140-Hour Digital Video Recorder for $349.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate). Good Price!

Ipod Quality Problems

ipod min problems

Apple’s Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations has replied to the reports of problems with the audio jack of the iPod mini coming loose causing sound quality problems.

He mostly dismissed the reports and said he was confident of the quality of the iPod minis.

Methinks he is going to end up with egg on his face.

(more from The Mac Observer)

Eye Jewelry Bad

eye jewelry bad for you

Various news organizations and gadget sites reported recently on the new procedure developed in the Netherlands for implanting jewelry into your eyeball.

We told you the BBC reported that this can be very dangerous and could cause bleeding and scarring, and now the American Academy of Ophthalmology has come out against the procedure:

“My concern would be that it might cause foreign body granuloma or scar tissue,” said Academy spokesperson, Wayne Bizer, D.O., a comprehensive ophthalmologist from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. “The implant could also allow bacteria to get beneath the conjunctiva causing a serious vision-threatening infection or possibly erode the sclera, the white part of the eye.” Dr. Bizer added removing the implant may prove difficult if any of these problems are present.

Full Press Release

Dell 20″ LCD Monitor $749 again

Dell 20 inch LCD monitor

I recommended this LCD at $800 a couple of weeks ago: comparable to a 23″ CRT monitor but only a few inches thick.

It has both analog and DVI (digital) connectors for your computer and you can connect your cable/satellive tv box via S-Vodeo or composite connectors (no built in tuner, but works with your cable box’s built in tuner and remote.

Max resolution is 1600×1200 which is easily readable.

Dell Small Business has this at 25% off: $749.25 (plus tax/shipping).


Best price so far this year, may go another $50 lower by the summer.

No coupon code needed, should be on the left of the page when you click the above link.
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Chip Head

chip in the head to control computers

NYTimes reports that the FDA has given approval for a company (Cyberkinetics Inc) to implant a computer chip into the brains of 5 paralyzed people that will hopefully enable them to operate a computer by thought alone.

Maybe in 5-10 years we will all be controlling embedded processors in everything we use by thought alone.

Update Slashdot is reporting on this now.