A digital picture frame that holds your pet’s ashes


Some people get a little too attached to their pets, and for those people there’s now the ultimate memorial to their little fluffy or tinkerbelle: A digital photo frame (with just 256MB of storage) that doubles as an urn and can hold up to 75lb of your pet’s (hopefully cremated) remains.

The urns cost $249, have a 7″ screen, and come in you choice of oak or walnut.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs, but I don’t want to keep their ashes by my bed when they’re gone. Also statistically if I have 4 dogs each with an average 10 year lifespan then I will have at least 24 75lb photo frames piled up by the time I pass on.

What will I do when it’s my dog’s time? we will go stretch out on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, I will feed him fresh steak and rabbit, and let him lie with his head on my lap while I rub his belly so he enjoys his last few moments on this earth, then once he is gone I will dig a hole, bury him, then head off to the shelter to find a new dog that need a loving home.

Dammit, I think I have something in my eye……..

pet urns via ubergizmo