Pentax K20D review

Pentax K20D review

The Pentax K20D is the subject of a new review over at cameralabs.

Here’s what they thought of the $1100 14.6 megapixel digital SLR:

“The K20D finds itself in an uncomfortable position, looking pricey compared to mid-range DSLRs and not quite tough or fast enough to be considered a true semi-pro model. An unremarkable screen and restricted Live View system add further insult to injury.

But one look at the K20D’s images and you know you’re dealing with something special. It really does capture a great deal of detail and unlike Sony’s 14 Megapixel sensor and processing engine, this detail remains at higher sensitivities. And like the K10D before it, the decent viewfinder, comfortable grip, innovative exposure modes, twin control dials and vast degree of customisation makes it a great camera to use in traditional photographic terms.

If these are the things you look for in a DSLR, then we can easily recommend the K20D, but its relatively high price, disappointing Live View, tendency to underexpose and uncomfortable positioning rules out our Highly Recommended award. If you want more effective anti-shake, superior Live View, faster continuous shooting and a bigger or more flexible screen, then there are simply better or cheaper alternatives out there. As always, it’s crucial to weigh-up which features really mean most to you when shopping for a new DSLR and this applies more than ever here. And finally if you are sold on the K20D’s feature-set and handling, be sure to compare it with Samsung’s equivalent, the GX-20 which may be available at a cheaper price. “

Pentax K20D review at Cameralabs