Olympus SP-570 review

Olympus SP-570 review

The Olympus SP-570 is the subject of a new review over at dcviews.

Here’s what they thought of the $420 10 megapixel Olympus SP-570 digital camera with 20x optical zoom:

Olympus SP-570 review at dcviews

“So, should you buy the Olympus SP-570UZ or would it be best to go for a DSLR. Well it all depends on what you want or need from a camera. If your aim is to make photography your hobby, prices of DSLRs are so low nowadays that they would make an ideal start to what can be a fantastic pastime, with the possibility to start a complete system from scratch. Olympus do have some nice offerings in this department as well, and we might make them the subject of another test some other time.

If however, you do not want to carry all that weight around and require a well-designed camera with a compact body and comprehensive features, the Olympus SP-570UZ would not be a bad choice at all. It can capture nice wide angle shots of landscapes or interiors while the tele lens is long enough to capture that bird on a wire as well. Handling is excellent and image quality is very good. Add to this a good image stabilisation system, shadow adjustment and face detection, and lots of manual control.

The Olympus SP-570UZ does have a few flaws however, although none of them serious enough to make this a bad camera, not by any means. Find out if you can live with its limited battery life and slow zooming but also take into consideration that the camera has so many options that a creative photographer will find most things he will need in this camera – and more. Just remember to stick to those lower ISO settings and carry a spare set of batteries and you really can’t go wrong. So try one out in the shops, compare it with similar offerings from other manufacturers and then make your final choice. “