UK wants database of every email and phone call

orwell 1984

The UK Government disgusts me.

I feel I can get away with saying that as I was born there, lived the first 25 years of my life there, and unfortunately I now try to avoid going back as much as possible.

Yes the scenery is still beautiful: green fields, old buildings etc but the society itself has fallen so far in the past few decades it is unbelievable. Violent binge drinking, surveillance cameras on many street corners, anti-social behavior fines, public vomiting and urination are commonplace, and the friendly English bobby is friendly no more.

Maybe the people still living there are too close to see the constant erosion of their rights and freedoms, maybe the bans on guns and knives make then feel unable to protect themselves and unwilling to stand up and speak out against criminals or unfair Government policies, or maybe they just feel there is nothing they can do so they will keep their heads down until they can retire to Spain or Florida.

The latest intrusive Government insanity is a proposal to create a database of every phone call and email, no-one cares about privacy or individual rights, they trample all over those in the name of “homeland security” and “crime prevention”.

Will someone please tell the UK Government that George Orwell’s 1984 is meant as a warning of the horrors of an authoritarian society, not as a training manual.

via BBC