Thoughts of Movable Type Licensing

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Sixapart, the creators of the software I use to create this blog recently changed their licensing requirements, before the change it was free software and if you liked it you could donate through PayPal (I donated $50 after creating this site and liking the software).

Now they have introduced a number of different licensing options and are asking the community how they use the movable type software.

The kind of license that I would pay for would allow me to operate 3-5 blogs with a single author, each blog would be made up of a number of sub-blogs, i.e. the main page, a sidebar with coupons, a sidebar with links.

That license would be non-commercial but would allow me to upgrade to a reasonably priced commercial version if my site becomes a profitable business.

For such a license I would be willing to pay $50-$100 (assuming it gave access to most software updates, and there is no repeating annual fee).

I wouldn’t object to a $20-$30 upgrade fee every couple of years to upgrade to a new version with substantial new functionality.

Update: 6/17: Sixapart have tweaked their licensing model and it is now perfect for me. Thanks Sixapart!

(edit 7/2: forgot to trackback to the original sixapart post, linking now)