Seagate Shipping 400GB Hard Drive

Seagate Shipping 400GB Hard Drive

If your homemade 1 terabyte storage server isn’t big enough for you try getting 5 of these in a SATA RAID array, giving you 2 terabytes of storage. That is more than enough storage for every episode of Star Trek ever, in HDTV. (That’s just a guess but if each episode is about 700MB then you could store almost 3000 episodes, and there can’t be that much Trek, can there?)

Getting back on track…. Seagate has announced they are shipping their new 400GB 7200RPM hard drive in both SATA and regular ATA flavors.

The 400GB Barracude 7200.8 hard drive is the first to use 133GB disk platters, and 3 of those gives you the 400GB in this 3.5″ drive.

Other features of the 400GB Barracude 7200.8 are an 8mb cache, 8ms seek time, and (on the SATA version) support for Native Command Queuing which is supposed to give performance similar to a 10000rpm drive.

(press release)