Niveus 1 Terabyte Storage Server

Niveus 1 Terabyte Storage Server

Our third 1 terabyte network storage server this week is the Niveus A/V Storage Server.

This is the most expensive ($2999) but also the quietest and best looking terabyte storage server, and in a surreal moment it has already been awarded the Best of Innovations award for next year’s CES show.

The Niveus A/V Storage Server has a 1Ghz VIA fanless processor, 256MB RAM, a fanless case, and an ethernet port (apparently no wireless though).

We are going to have something similar to this in our new house… but as the storage server will be in the basement in a rack next to the distributed wiring control panel it is difficult to justify paying so much when the Buffalo Terastation can be had for a third the price.

Niveus A/V Storage Server

(via ehomeupgrade)