Hasselblad H1D

hasselblad h1d medium format digital camera

Digital Media Thoughts found the product page for the Hasselblad H1D medium format digital camera that was first mentioned at Photokina last month.

The Hasselblad H1D is massive, reminding me of the ugly new Honda SUV, but its specs are very impressive:

The Hasselblad H1D has a large 22 megapixel 37mm by 49mm sensor, and instead of a CF card slot it has a built in 40GB hard drive: a necessity as each image can be 132MB in size (so even with the hard drive it can only store 850 images!).

The Hasselblad H1D has all the manual controls you would expect from a world class professional camera, and has a price to match: $22,000

Hasselblad H1D Product Page

(via digitalmediathoughts)