Archos AV400

archos av400 pvp personal portable video player

The Archos AV400 is one of the first personal/portable video players available in the US and Extremetech has one they have reviewed.

The Archos AV400 comes with a variety of hard drive sizes, from 20gb to 100gb (allowing the storage of up to 400 hours of programs on the largest model). Size, weight and battery life vary but the largest model is 4.9 x 3.1 x 1 inches and weighs 11 ounces with a battery life of 16 hours of music or 4.5 hours of video.

The Archos AV400 has a 3.8″ LCD screen, connects via USB2, accepts compactflash storage cards, and comes with a cradle/charger that you can connect to your TV/VCD or cable/satellite receiver to record programs.

The cradle records in MPEG-4 format, and other formats supported by the Archos AV400 are XviD and DivX for video, MP3, WMA and WAV for audio, and JPEG/BMP for pictures.

The 20gb version of the AV400 can be purchased from Archos for $550