Toshiba e830 Pocket PC

Toshiba e830 Pocket PC FCC specifications

BargainPDA found the FCC docs on the Toshiba e830 Pocket PC.

It is still unsure if Toshiba will ever release this Pocket PC (lots of rumors about them leaving the market), but if they do this looks to be a great Pocket PC.

4″ VGA 640×480 screen, Bluetooth and 802.11b, 520mhz processor, 128mb RAM 32mb ROM, SDIO and CompactFlash expansion slots, 5.3 x 3.0 x 0.6 inches.

What looks really interesting about the Toshiba e830 Pocket PC is that is has an optional “presentation pack” accessory that connects to the bottom of the Pocket PC and adds a VGA monitor port and a USB port. This accessory would make it simple to connect the pocket pc to a larger monitor or a projector for powerpoint presentations, and to add on a USB keyboard and/or mouse.

Look for there to be seperate versions with and without wireless and for the Toshiba e830 Pocket PC to be priced lower than comparable HP iPAQs (but higher than the Dell X30).

The presentation pack has been around for earlier Toshiba Pocket PCs but Toshiba has never taken the concept further by looking at where a Pocket PC could go in terms of accessories.

The way I look at and use Pocket PCs can be split into two:

1) accessing information and occasionally entering information while traveling.
2) entering larger amount of data, adding programs, syncing etc while at a desk.

The thing that keep me from using the Pocket PC as my primary PC when traveling is that it just can’t do everything I need it to do, however if I had a “expansion station” similar to laptop docking stations then I would be able to leave the laptop at home:

A simple lightweight clamshell design maybe 8 x 6 x 0.5 inches when closed, the top contains a 10″ VGA resolution LCD screen, and the bottom contains a thin keyboard, pointing device, and the usual Pocket PC buttons. One side would have connectors for the VGA and USB ports on the pocket PC and the other side would have another VGA out (for connecting to a projector at client sites etc), ethernet port, and an AC power connector for powering both the dock and recharging the Pocket PC.

Something like this would allow me to use the Pocket PC on its own on trains/planes/at the airport etc but when I am at a clients or at a hotel I can connect to the docking station and get online wither wirelessly or with the ethernet port.