Twenty-two New Aquos LCD TVs from Sharp

new sharp aquos tvs

Some manufacturers release one new TV at a time, others release a single line of 4 or 5 TVs, not Sharp: they just announced a massive 22 new LCD TVs ranging from a little 26″ GX5 up to a humongous 65″ RX5.

Here’s what we know of the specs:

“X5 Series: Available in 65″, 52″ and 46”, with a contrast ratio of 3300:1 and a “living contrast” ratio of 1500:1, providing in total a stunning contrast ratio of 20000:1, and a brightness of 450cd/m2. Our TV is full HD with a new 120Hz panel and 12bit BDE image processor.

GX5 Series: Available in full HD and HD ready with panel size ranging from 26″ up to 52″. It also has the 120Hz ASV panel, a contrast ratio to 2000:1, and a brightness of 450cd/m2.

DS5 Series: Three full HD TVs, with sizes ranging from 32″ to 42″, it also features a 2000:1 contrast ratio and a 450cd/m2 brightness, without the 120Mhz panel.”

A full press release should be out sometime soon but until then why not head over to Akihibara for a bunch of photos.

Twenty-two New Aquos LCD TVs from Sharp via Akihibara News