JVC GZ-MS100 camcorder uploads to YouTube

JVC GZ-MS100 camcorder uploads to YouTube

JVC has announced a new lightweight camcorder designed to simplify creation and uploading of YouTube videos.

The GZ-MS100 weighs just 9.5oz (with 2hr duration battery) and measures only 2.2″ x 2.7″ x 4.4″ but manages to pack in a 35x optical zoom and a 2.7″ color LCD screen. MPEG-2 video and 2ch Dolby Digital sound are recorded to a SD card allowing the storage of up to 3hr 45mins of “TV Quality” video or 1hr 50mins of “DVD movie” quality on an 8GB card.

So what’s the YouTube connection and how does that work? It seems simple: choose “upload” mode before taking a video and it saves an additional version of the video limited to 10 minutes and optimized for YouTube viewing. Once you are done connect the GZ-MS100 via a USB cable and then upload with just a few clicks.

This isn’t a HD camcorder, but SD card storage, YouTube, and high-def don’t go well together so no complaints there. The only thing it is really missing is WiFi so you could upload videos over you home network without needing to connect to a PC.

The JVC GZ-MS100 will be available in June for $349.99.

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