Laser Gunship gets 2008 Flight Test

Laser Gunship gets 2008 Flight Test

Yes it’s an AC-130 Hercules with a frickin laser beam but officially it is known as the “Boeing Advanced Tactical Laser” and it’s alive and working after many years of development.

Last week the chemically-powered laser was fired successfully 50 times in ground tests, and now the plane is being prepped for a flight test before the end of the year where it will silently zap a bunch of cars and buildings from inside a rotating turret at ranges of more than 10 miles away.

The main downside to this laser is that is is chemically powered, which means that vats of nasty toxic chemicals get stored on the plane, but if this system is proven to be successful then it will be a good interim weapon until we have electrically powered lasers strong enough to do the job.

via wired

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