Teppanyaki style grilling for your home (or boat)

Teppanyaki style grilling

You know those fancy Teppanyaki restaurants where they cook on a hot plate in the middle of the table while throwing knives around?

Well now you can duplicate the experience at home with Cook-N-Dine tables (preferably without the knife throwing – leave that for the experts).

How does it work? well some fancy techno-gizmo heating system causes the special steel in the center of the table to form a concave pit that holds all the food and juices in one area while keeping the surrounding metal table cool.

Want one for your boat? well we’ve got you covered: their new “MarinYaki” boat table features a 20″ x 15″ cooking surface….. just don’t try using it while underway unless you want a pile of boiling hot stir-fry chicken vegetables and sauce dumped in your lap by an unexpected wave.

Teppanyaki style grilling via appliancist