Hawking Wireless Signal Booster

Hawking Wireless Signal Booster

Another interesting find at Digital Life last week was the Hawking Technology HSB1 802.11b/g wireless signal booster.

The Hawking wireless signal booster is a little box that you connect to the antenna connector of your wireless router. The wireless signal booster then boosts the power output from a typical 100mW up to 500mW.

The wireless signal booster works with just about any wireless router and the extra power should result in much better range: up to 1200ft indoors and up to 3800ft outside.

This looks like a great little gadget if you need your wireless to reach to all corners of your house.

The Hawking HSB1 wireless signal booster will be available November 1st.

Hawking Wireless Signal Booster

We also got to see another Hawking networking gadget: a new version of their HWL1 WiFi locater.

Ok, I hear you saying big deal, another little WiFi detector that is no use to anyone. Well this one does seem to have some uses:

It has a good range (1000ft), a directional antenna, filters out non WiFi signals such as BlueTooth, cordless phones and microwaves, and added to the new version is a USB port so you can plug in your laptop and use detector as a WiFi card (getting a longer range than a built in WiFi adapter).

Hawking Wireless Locator