rimax HDDivX Player

rimax hddivx hard drive divx video player

The rimax HDDivX is an interesting twist on the portable video player concept.

The HDDivX is a small box (5.2 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches and 7.5 ounces) that contains a 20gb hard drive (user upgradable to 40, 60 or 80gb).

It doesn’t have a screen, and this is the twist, instead it has a audio/video output allowing you to connect to any TV with standard component (3 cable) inputs or to a PC with USB2.

It comes with a small remote control so all you do is connect it to the tv and use the remote control to choose the movie to watch (supported format are MPEG4 (DivX), DVD (MPEG2), VCD (MPEG1), MP3 and JPEG.

The rimax HDDivX is currently only available in Europe.