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PVRblog mentions an article in the NY Times about how Tivo changed people’s lives.

I have owned a Tivo since they came out in 1999 (upgrading to a new Tivo once and upgrading the hard drive twice in that time) and I really couldn’t live without it.

I never watch live TV, it just records the programs I like and whenever I feel like watching a program and can choose from about 100 hours of good comedy, drama, documentaries etc.

Dell Home has a good price on the 80 hr series 2 Tivo at the moment: $299 – automatic 10% discount – $50 rebate (exp 3/31) = $219 with free shipping.

If you add another cheap item you should be able to get another $25 off with one-day coupon code SB$JRXL$?5MVFT (exp 3/18) for a final price of $194.

Rebate Link

Update: Dell Home is down at 7.35am EST, should be back soon, in the meantime you can buy the 80hr Tivo at Amazon for $249 after rebate or get a second-hand one starting at $199.


TiVo service fee is not included
Up to 80 hours of digital audio/video recording capacity
Works with antenna, cable, digital cable, satellite, and combinations
Everything required for installation is supplied
TiVo service eliminates the hassles of VCRs and timers

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