Kreisen 30-inch LCD HDTV Review

Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch LCD HDTV Monitor Review

ecoustics have posted a review of the Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch LCD HDTV Monitor which displays 720p HDTV (1280×768 resolution).

Overall it seemed a good LCD for the price ($1349) but seemed to have a few too many cons to be someones main TV.

“It was hard not be impressed when I first viewed the Kreisen LT-30FMP 30-inch flat panel LCD HDTV monitor.
The HDTV over-air-picture was stunning when I watched Monday Night Football in high definition (720p). The LCD handled bright scenes very well, and at times the picture looked 3-dimesional in HD.”

“Only after extended viewing did I start to notice some of its shortcomings. Reds seemed to be over-emphasized, and the picture at times seemed overly bright. Not surprisingly, the contrast and brightness settings were set almost all the way up, which is a common tactic manufacturers are using to make flat panels look better on a showroom floor.”

Full review at ecoustics

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