Shuttle SB81P Review

shuttle SB81P xpc sff small form factor pc

Bittech reviewed the Shuttle SB81P XPC small form factor pc.

The Shuttle SB81PC is a small computer case, 350w silent power supply, and motherboard: you have to add a processor, memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, etc.

The Shuttle SB81PC is 12.7″ long, 8.3″ wide, and 8.7″ high, this is a little larger than many shuttle cases but it allows the building of a more powerful system.

The Shuttle SB81P supports socket 775 pentium 4 and celeron 800/533MHz processors, up to 2GB of DDR 400 RAM, up to 3 3.5″ SATA hard drives and a 5.25″ optical drive (DVD/CD), and has 2 expansion slotS: a PCI slot and a new PCI Express slot for more powerful graphics.

Overall Bittech liked the performance, silence, and style but didn’t like the onboard graphics.

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