More on X1 Google Desktop Alternative

X1 google desktop search alternative

I have been using X1 since mentioning it yesterday as an alternative to Google Desktop Search and it is a great piece of software.

It has now fully indexed my PC and I have instant search capabilities inside 45,000 emails, 10,000 attachments, and 150,000 files! (I am an email hoarder).

On the email tab I start typing “united sfo” and I imstantly get the list of 45,000 emails cut down to 56 related to flights I have taken in the last 8 years to/from San Francisco airport on United.

There are also privacy issues being raised about Google’s desktop search as it indexes all the emails and files of all the users on the PC:

“This is not a bug, rather a feature,” says Marissa Mayer, Google’s director of consumer Web products. “Google Desktop Search is not intended to be used on computers that are shared with more than one person.” (via slashdot)

The only downside to X1 is the price, $75 is way too expensive for the average computer user wanting to search their files. If X1 were to cur their price to something much lower (maybe in the $20 range) they would probably end up making more money from the much higher sales volume they would achieve.