Sony Beats on RetroPod

Sony Beats on RetroPod

Sony really needs to get a clue about how to do business. They used to have a reputation for being cool but now they just churn out pretty looking under-powered over-priced junk that always uses their own proprietary formats that no-one else is interested in (memory stick, ATRAC etc).

As if that wasn’t enough they are now getting bad publicity by threatening the creators of the RetroPod.

The RetroPod was a fun satirical look at the 80’s that took an old sony walkman and made it into a case for an iPod. Sont obviously doesn’t get satire and sent a nasty cease and desist letter:

“Your use of casings for such a purpose is a clear infringement of the SONY and WALKMAN marks because it is deceptive. Consumers likely will be misled and deceived into believing that Sony is somehow connected with the iPod personal stereo when in fact it is not. Moreover, they will be misled into thinking that Sony is backward in its design of products and is going away from miniaturization, as the size of the tape player housing is quite large by today’s standards.”

Anyway, since when is an iPod a “personal stereo”, what century are those lawyers living in?

(retropod via engadget)