Mtron claims fastest SSD ever

Mtron claims fastest SSD ever

It seems like we have new solid state drives (SSDs) coming out weekly, and the latest one from Mtron also claims to be the fastest SSD ever.

The Pro 7500 series SSDs from Mtron are said to have a read speed of up to 130MBps and a write speed of up to 120MBps through a SATA II interface in capacities from 32GB to 128GB.

It’s great that they’re speedy but what is the point of speedy when they are so costly that no average joe can afford one. Wake me up when the prices drop.

Full press release follows.

Mtron claims fastest SSD ever (via akihibaranews)

“SEOUL, South Korea–Mtron Co., Ltd (KOSDAQ:046320), a manufacturer of Solid State Drive (SSD) products in South Korea, announced today that they have completed the development of new PRO 7500 series for industrial purpose, and will be launching the new series in June.

Mtron’s new PRO 7500 series supports SATA II interface and provide the maximum read speed of 130MB/s and write speed of 120MB/s, becoming the fastest SSD in the market. With the development of their new PRO 7500 series, Mtron created another innovation to the SSD technology and proved once again that they are the leading manufacturer of SSD products in the highly competitive market.

Mtron’s new PRO 7500 series is targeted for enterprise market to provide servers and storages with 10~20% improved performance from Mtron’s SATA I SSD. It includes Random Read IOPS (Data input/output speed) of 19,000, a speed that is 65 times faster than current industrial purpose SAS HDD, in order to deliver much-improved performance in the situations with heavy volume transactions. Also, it consumes 60% less electricity than HDD, has maximum energy efficiency with no noise and less heat, and contributes to environmental-friendly green IT technology.

Mtron will be producing their new PRO 7500 series with 32 GB ~ 128 GB capacities in 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch sizes.

In addition to their announcement, Mtron will be exhibiting their new PRO 7500 series at ‘DS Expo/10th Data Storage Expo in Tokyo’ from May 14th to 16th, and ‘CeBIT Australia 2008’ in Australia from May 20th to 22nd.

ABOUT Mtron Storage Technology (KOSDAQ:046320)

Established in 2005, Mtron is the pioneer in Flash memory solution world with their technology in storage, server systems, and security systems. With its focus on R&D and market research, Mtron will continue to lead the way in SSD technology in order to improve SSD industry around the world and provide the consumers with the best SSD solution. For more information, please visit”