Elonex Media Center PC

Elonex Lumina Media Center PC

TrustedReviews has taken a look at the Elonex Lumina Media Center PC which, although named like a car, is a Microsoft XP Media Center 2005 PC inside a 32 inch LCD TV.

The stats of the pre-production Elonex Lumina are 3.0GHz Pentium 4 processor, 512MB RAM, 200GB hard drive, 128mb Radeon 9600 graphics, Win-TV PVR-500 dual tuner TV card, 10/100 ethernet, 802.11a/b/g wireless, DVD writer, memory card slot, and a 1344 x 768 pixel widescreen display.

Pretty impressive stats!

I would buy something like this for the family room of out new house except for one reason: a 32 inch screen is still too small for a medium or large family room; it works for an apartment but when you are 15 feet or more away from the screen you need something at least 45 inches across. Now, if Sharp were to put a similar setup inside their 45″ Aquos screen for about $1,500 above the price of the screen on its own I would be very interested.

The Elonex Lumina will be available in the UK and will cost around $4,000.

(trustedreviews via digitalmediathoughts)