Netgear Double 108 Mbps Wireless

netgear extended range double speed 802.11g wireless

Jumping back to Digital Focus the other night, we wanted to tell you about some interesting 802.11g wireless technology we saw.

Unlike Belkin (who launched “pre-n” 802.11n technology and got told off by the official Wi-Fi standards organization) most wireless companies are focusing on improving and extending existing 802.11g wireless while they wait for 802.11n standards to be approved.

Netgear was at Digital Focus and they had networking gear that makes 802.11g both faster and longer ranged.

The Netgear Double 108 Mbps technology provides two simultaneous 108 Mbps wireless streams: an 802.11b/g stream perfect for fast file downloads, e-mail, Internet browsing, and online gaming, and an additional 802.11a ”fast lane”, free from congestion and interference, which is ideal for prioritizing traffic for applications such as home-based businesses and high quality video streaming.

The Netgear Double 108 Mbps technology also uses XRâ„¢ Extended Range technology from Atheros Communications offering up to three times the range of basic 802.11g technology.

Does it work as well as they claim? we’re not sure yet but we are going to try and get some Double 108 gear and try it out.

netgear extended range double speed 802.11g wireless

Netgear Press Release

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