Axim X50 Photos

dell axim x50 photos

Update: More photos and full specs of the Axim X50 and X50v are available on our sister site:
Photos of the Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC have been posted on russian forums

These look a lot more realistics than the fakes from a couple of weeks ago and match the internal photos of the Axim X50 posted on the FCC site.

If these Axim X50 photos are accurate then it confirms the rumors of the X50 having both a SD and a Compact Flash card slot.

Also showing up on the FCC site is a letter extending the confidentiality request for the Axim X50 until November 8th (it used to be September 24th) so it looks like there are some production delays.

Photos below, other features of the Axim X50 include VGA (640 x 480) screen, 128mb memory, and support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 1.2.

dell axim X50 front photo
dell axim X50 rear photo