Dell X30 Pocket PC

Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC

Last month Dell launched their new Pocket PC and its the fastest Pocket PC ever, not only that it has a great price and great features: Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Software, 802.11b Wireless and Bluetooth. A model without wireless is just $199, with wireless is $249, and with wireless and the fastest processor is $349. For the price they are by far the best pocket PCs around.

Sounds good, well it just got better… currently they are 10% off, and if you go for the high-end 624mhz option and add a little something to the order (such as an extra battery, a case, a spare stylus etc) you can use coupon code K30CXZKNF?27FQ for $25 off $350 order, giving a final price of $289.

It is currently out of stock and saying 6 weeks for delivery, but I ordered one today and got an email an hour later with an estimated ship date of 6/25.

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