Canon SD890 IS review

The Canon SD890 IS digital camera is the subject of a new review at CNET.

Here’s what they thought of the $340 10 megapixel 5x optical zoom compact Canon SD890 IS:

“Overall, the SD890 IS’ photo quality just tips over the fence from above-average to excellent, mostly because of the great color and usable high ISO shots under many conditions. It’s not the best lens–the photos generally look a bit soft and there’s some fringing on edges–but the camera renders good exposures with accurate, saturated colors. (Click through the slide show for more details on photo quality.) It captures very nice 30fps VGA movies–at a file size of almost 2MB per second, it had better–but you can’t zoom the lens while recording, which seriously decreases the usefulness.

I miss Canon’s traditional if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it approach. There was very little wrong with the SD850 IS; while the PowerShot SD890 IS delivers a decent shooting experience, it can’t escape the shadow of its more talented older brother.”

We still use a canon SD800 IS as our main compact point’n’shoot camera (having started with the S100 8 years ago and stuck with Canon ever since), and don’t see a need to upgrade yet.

Canon SD890 IS review at CNET