MWg Atom Life Review

MWg Atom Life Review

The MWg Atom Life is the subject of a new review posted over at Brighthand.

Here’s what they thought of the $399 MWg Atom Life PDA smartphone:

“Maybe it is because smartphones have entered into the consciousness of many users, or maybe the design of the Atom Life is just that it slips into your hand and pocket so easily that its just distinguishable; but, the fact is that this is an impressive smartphone on a features level that just doesn’t seem to impress people.

Outside of those who might not have a touchscreened smartphone, it catches very little notice. Yes, it is quite similar to the HTC Touch which is on several carriers here in the U.S. — and this is a mobile that has to be purchased outside of carrier — means that it will garner less attention than it probably deserves.

The MWg Atom Life is nonetheless a solid smartphone entry, and one that will easily become part of the life of the casual mobile user, or even the power user.

Windows Mobile 6 is a solid enough platform and the 1 GB of internal memory that can be expanded with a mini-SD card gives much life to this device. I like it, but have to resign to the fact that if you don’t see it more often, there might not be much of a fusion of this device in your mobile life.”

MWg Atom Life Review at Brighthand