New Phone: Sanyo PM-8200

Sprint PCS Sanyo PM-8200 Cell Phone

After using the same crappy old Sprint PCS phone for almost 3 years I finally caved in and got a new one. Of course Sprint didn’t make it easy for me:

New customers can get a $150 instant rebate, existing customers who have owned their phone for 18 months (even if they are still under a 2 year subscription agreement) can get a $150 instant rebate, should have been easy for me, right?

Wrong!. Because I had cancelled my account 18 months ago (because work provided me with a free phone) and then got a new account 12 months ago (when I left that job) Sprint counted my phone as being only 12 months old (even though the phone was physically 3 years old and was a model they hadn’t sold in 2 years)…. so I was refused the rebate.

Let me say that again: A new customer could get a rebate, a customer still under a subscription agreement could get a rebate, but a customer (me) with a 3 year old phone and no subscription agreement couldn’t get a rebate.

Even crazier: I could get a rebate by going to one of their competitors as a new customer, but I couldn’t cancel my current Sprint account and get a new Sprint account. I wanted to sign a 2 year agreement, I wanted to buy a $280 (before rebate) phone, but they wouldn’t let me!

In the end the phone agent suggested I go to a Sprint PCS store, and after arguing my case with the store manager he relented and gave me a $75 instant rebate and a $75 mail-in rebate.

So, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I am the proud owner of a cute little Sanyo PM-8200, it takes photos, I have put peoples pictures on there and created unique ring tones, I have downloaded games, created my own screensaver, I can even remember my new phone number!

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