Gateway 820GM BTX Media Center PC


At Digital Focus last night I got to play with Gateway’s new media center PC: The Gateway 820GM (bigger photo below).

Features of the Gateway 820GM BTX Media Center PC include 1GB RAM, Radeon X300SE PCI-Express graphics, Pentium 4 Processor, 250gb SATA hard drive, digital media reader, 7 USB and 2 Firewire slots, and 8x DVD burner with dual-layer capabilities (probably 2.4x DL).

One interesting thing is that Gateway are the only people making BTX architecture PCs at the moment: BTX has vastly improved airflow and design making your computer cooler, quieter, and potentially even a tiny bit faster.

Gateway were lucky in that it takes a lot of retooling to switch from ATX to BTX, Gateway got a jump on the market becuase they were retooling anyway after the emachines acquisition. Now lets see if they can turn this technical advantage into market share.


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